Thursday, October 7, 2010

Here we are, Born to be kings

Photo by: Boston Globe

I am definitely late in giving my final thoughts on the 2010 Red Sox. The more I think about what I want to talk about, the more I realize that there isn't much more for me to say. Especially since the post season has already begun. As amazingly as the kids from Pawtucket did, we're not in the post season. No matter how you paint it, it sucks. So. 129 days until pitchers and catchers report.

The end of baseball was prolonged a little bit with ESPN’s 30 for 30 “Four Days in October” airing this Tuesday. It might sound silly, but watching the 2004 Sox come back from the dead in the ALCS helped me to put this season in perspective. It also really, really made me miss the 25 guys on that team. Even Johnny Damon. You know, before he died. It also helped refresh my memory with things that I had forgotten or just miss.

1) I love and miss Billy Mueller. He always seemed like he would be the guy packing bag lunches for his teammates before they went on a long road trip.

2) After the incident with A-Rod slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove, I forgot how ugly things got in Yankee stadium. I forgot about the riot police and the fans throwing everything that wasn’t bolted down onto the field. As history has proven, the umps made the right call.

3) Nelson!

4) David Ortiz was. Well. There is no other way to describe it. It was MAGIC at the plate. Game after game, he came through with miracles exactly when they needed them. He had more magic than Harry Potter. Pretty sure he could have defeated Voldemort in way less than 7 books.

5) Didn't forget this, but it was one of my favorite moments of the ALCS. Bellhorn's point to the dugout when rounding the bases after his home run rang off the foul pole.

Between Ken Burns' Tenth Inning and Four Days in October, my mind has been swimming with the 2004 post season. It makes the fact that there is no fall baseball this year a little bittersweet. But it also makes me insanely happy. 2004 showed that a team can come back from the dead and make the impossible happen. And if they can do that? Well, next year should certainly be interesting.

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