Sunday, August 1, 2010

Never too hot for hockey

It's been a blistering 95+ degree weather here in the Bay area for the last week, so it makes absolutely no sense that hockey has been a large topic of discussion among my friends and I. Outside of a lull in the Kovalchuk contract debacle and the whole thing where Max Talbot called Alexander Ovechkin a douche, the Lightning have had a few signings this week that addressed at least one of the issues that I was concerned about.

This week they signed three defensemen: resigning Vladimir Mihalek, and signing Mathieu Roy and Mike Vernace. Mihalek has been in their system since he was drafted in the first round in 2005. He seems to be filling out a bit more, which given his 6'7 frame was really needed. Defensemen usually take longer to mature into their position play, but that size is something we could definitely use on the blue line. Especially if he has that mean streak that was so highly touted when he was drafted. It all comes down to training camp, I'll guess we will have to see what happens. With departures and new signings, the look of the opening night roster could be very different than last year. And I think that might be a very good thing.

The Bolts also signed center Dominic Moore to a two year deal. They got him at a pretty good price, and his numbers for the Panthers and Canadiens last season were respectable for a lower line guy. Not too much to say beyond that, as always I would love to be dazzled come October.

On that note, I am leaving you with my all time favorite hockey song. Apparently Kevin Smith likes it as he is making a movie based on it:

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