Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sports & Estrogen

I came across an interesting read today, discussing how women have been some of the most enthusiastic fans of baseball pretty much since the start of the game:

Women & Baseball

"Once a woman becomes a fan, she is the best fan in the world." - Bill Veeck

It's encouraging to read things like that as even in today's world, the hardcore female sports fan seems to be viewed as a bit of an oddity. I come across people who are surprised that I watch almost every Red Sox game and that I have season tickets to the Lightning. My question is usually: why are you surprised?

It has been documented in studies that women are the primary purchasers of sports merchandise, and I'm sure some of that is done for their families. But I take a look around my apartment and see my memorabilia, my jerseys, my trading cards. They haven't been bought for anyone but me. And I know there are others like me.

I often wonder why more leagues don't do more to cater to the female sports fan. Not by selling bedazzled pink jerseys or mini dresses with your favorite NHL team logo on them ( Alyssa Milano, I am ashamed of you). The Lightning used to hold an event called Hockey & Heels. I was never able to make it before I moved to Tampa but it seemed like a great event where women could interact with players, discuss nuances of the game, and experience some of the behind the scenes aspects of the game. I would like to see something like that be brought back. Bring more women into the stands.

Men will always show up to sporting events, that''s just a fact of life. If you get the women, you get their loyalty and you get them to open up their wallets. You get the women, and you have them for life.

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