Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Heritage Classic

Photo by Getty Images. Used without permission.

It seems kind of odd that Hockey Day in America culminated with an outdoor game being played in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Odd until you really start to think about the sport itself. The roots of the game are in Canada, that will never change. Seeing the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadians playing on an outdoor rink was amazing. You know more than one guy on both benches was flashing back to their youth spent on the pond learning the game. It's nostalgic and romantic, that's for sure. The Heritage Classic was amazing. It's always great to see such love and respect for a sport that is close to my own heart.

One of the most interesting things about the coverage of Hockey Day in America was seeing all of the different and varied places that were celebrating. Massachusetts, Minnesota, California, Florida. Hockey might be Canada's game, but that game is growing in the USA and in some very unexpected places. It will be interesting to see how the NHL changes as a result in the years to come.

I would like to see the NHL continue with the Winter Classic and Heritage Classic as annual outdoor events. It's unconventional and has always come off really well. This year's Winter Classic might have been doused with rain and today's Heritage Classic might have been so cold that the ice was fragile, but I was glued to the television. I was by the TV most of the day, actually. Note to the NHL: If the NFL has a lost season due to collective bargaining issues, do Hockey Days in America more often. It was fantastic. Promote, promote, promote.


  1. I agree when you say the Winter Classic and Heritage Classic should continue. I watched the outdoor game on television last night between the Canadiens and the Flames, and it was interesting to see how the sun, wind, and condition of the ice really affected how the game was played. It was strange that zambonis weren't used to resurface the ice between periods, although I do understand the reason why.

  2. As you know I have been to both Winter Classic and Heritage Classic-both events were outstanding and I hope that the league continues with both of them. But with that said I they should never have them one the same day or even the same month. Also you would think the league would take in consideration other events at that time (i.e. Daytona 500, NBA All Star game, etc.) when planning in the furture.