Saturday, February 5, 2011

If I Fall Back Down

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Being a Red Sox fan has done a lot of really positive things for me when it comes to my rooting for my teams. I am insanely loyal, almost to a fault. I am very invested in my teams. My family has had Jacksonville Jaguars season tickets since the inception of the team. When I moved to Tampa, one of my goals was to buy season tickets for the Lightning and I have been a season ticket holder for the last two years. I continue to hope and believe that my teams can achieve until they have been mathematically eliminated or things are so bad there's no possible way a playoff berth can be won.

Unfortunately, there is a darker side to having a deep seated Red Sox fandom in your brain. The sinking feeling there behind all of the good stuff, that the other shoe will drop. Especially when things are going well and your team is winning. The Lightning were riding a 6 game winning streak going in to last night's game against the Capitals. They soundly beat Philly on Tuesday and the Flyers have the best record in the Eastern Conference. All that success just made me terrified of meeting the Capitals. Things had been going TOO well. It's times like this that I hate being right.

Some of my friends are blaming the new logo being announced this week and being placed all around the arena. Pretty much the only place where the old logo is still being used is on the jerseys the Lightning will play out the rest of the season in. The idea is that the Bolts had a good thing going and all of the change messed with the ju-ju. I don't know if I would put last night's loss on the altar of the supernatural just yet. Things weren't sharp. The defense just wasn't there. When a team as fast and creative as the Capitals comes to town, you have to keep the puck away from them. And nothing seemed to work.

A win would have been good. We're getting to the point in the season where it would be pretty difficult for a division rival to overcome a 7 point deficit in the standings. It's also impossible to win every single game. I would really have liked to come out with the two points last night though.

A few random thoughts about the game:

When did Teddy Purcell become such a sniper? He has been really impressive the past two games.

Steve Downie was like a wild beast let loose from a cage last night. Good to see him playing with that edge, it was really missed when he was injured.

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