Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Photo by Me

It might be the fact that it's still almost 80 degrees out, but the annual off season longing for baseball hasn't hit me as hard as it has some of my other Red Sox friends. One of the blessings and curses of living in Florida. It's a curse in that I could probably wear shorts on Thanksgiving and that isn't very holiday season-y at all.

Baseball has been coming back into my mind more and more with all of the free agency talk and even some of the trades. Things have been pretty quiet for the Sox so far, mostly a lot of rumors of who they are interested in. There was talk of going after John Buck, but he signed with the Marlins. I'm secretly glad for it, as much as we probably could have used a seasoned catcher with Victor Martinez's return uncertain. His name is just too close to "Joe Buck" and that causes bad, bad reactions.

Really the only concrete dealing that has been announced is the signing of Taylor Buchholz to the pitching staff. Everything else is very nebulous at this point, so I'm adapting a laid back "wait and see" approach. For now at least. I'm sure something will happen to get me fired up soon enough. Theo always seems to keep things interesting.

I'll be at the Tampa Bay Lightning's watch party this evening at Curtis Hixon Park downtown to catch the Bolts/Sabres game, so there is sure to be news from there. Get to see if Stamkos can keep rolling with goals and the boys can pick up another W.

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