Monday, March 7, 2011


Photo by AP Photos. Used without permission.

A lot of thoughts have been running through my head since I got home from the Lightning's shoot out loss to the Capitals. Frustration at the shoot out order for the Bolts. Elation at my team getting on the score board first. Utter rage at the blown call on Vinny's disallowed goal. One thing keeps coming to mind though.

Earlier today, I said that tonight's game would set the tone for the rest of the Lightning's season. For good or bad. This was going to be an indication of how things were going to play out through the remaining games. My own words are haunting me a bit, if I'm being honest.

The Caps still have a number of games left against division leaders, so it's really possible that the Lightning can climb back up into the standings. I need to stay positive and hope that my team can prove me wrong. That they can get healthier and come back with a vengeance. This is not the time of the season to go into a tail spin.

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