Monday, March 21, 2011

When Should You Worry?

Photo by Me

Spring Training is the kind of thing where everyone can just sit back and relax. It's Florida in the spring time and the weather is fantastic. You can drink beer and eat hot dogs at 1 in the afternoon. The games don't matter. The closer we get to opening day, the harder it is to keep some nagging questions out of my head. Yes, it is nearly impossible for a Red Sox fan to just sit back and enjoy the silence. I'm pretty sure that when you're born a Sox fan or find your way into it, a certain part of your brain reserved specifically reserved for paranoia kicks into overdrive.

But seriously.. when do we worry about Papelbon? How many blown saves before it's time to really be concerned? Is Bard ready to assume the role of closer if he needed to? What about Bobby Jenks? What happened to the untouchable closer of just a few years ago? Will we ever see him again? What about Josh Beckett? Is Wake done? Can we be confident in the catching tandem behind the plate?

This is where Spring Training is terrible for RSN paranoia. It's basically a two month long science project. I can pretty much see opening day from here, though. In spite of all the paranoia and questioning, I can't wait. Baseball that counts. The Red Sox back on the field. That thought stops all of the questioning... at least for a little while.


  1. I'll worry if he's still doing it in June. But having Bard and Jenks doesn't hurt.

  2. Hopefully it's not a sign that Paps is picking up where he left off last season. It's hard to worry. Especially at Spring Training games. The beers are large and cheap.

  3. Ok I thought I posted a comment here but it's gone. Love the pic. It is the real reason for Spring Training

  4. That was my lunch when I went to the game in Bradenton. Well. That beer and two others like it.