Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Know We Love You Madly

Photo by Me

Maybe it's the weather starting to creep above 80 degrees. Maybe it's the endless cloud free blue skies of Florida at this time of year. Maybe it's the azaleas starting to bloom. All signs are saying that spring is here. Some people see these things as a signal to return to the beaches or pools. Me? There is nothing I would rather be doing right now than sitting in the stands of a ballpark with a cold beer in hand. The baseball jonesing has kicked in big time.

It's looking like I'll be heading down to Bradenton and the Pittsburgh Pirate's spring training ball park when the Red Sox are there this Sunday. And possible next Saturday. I was lucky enough to go to Fort Myers and City of Palms Park two years ago and it was a wonderful time. I hope to make it down to the new mini- Fenway next year, but Bradenton will just have to do for now. The weather looks to be beautiful, and when you're a member of Red Sox Nation you know there are going to be lots of fellow fans there with you.

Plus, I'll be able to drink at 1 in the afternoon without judgment. Ahhhhh, spring.

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