Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ole Ole Ole Ole

Photo by Me

The Lightning lost 4-2 to the Canadiens last night. I had the most fun I have had at a game in quite a while last night. Conflicting statements, but both of them are true. A lot of the northern NHL teams bring out a fair amount of fans for the visiting team, especially the Canadian teams. There are a lot of snowbirds who live down here for parts of the year. There were a lot of red Habs jerseys spread out over the entire arena. When I sat down with my friend Linda for the start of the game, I groaned inwardly. There were several older gentlemen sitting next to us with a Canadian flag already in hand. I was expecting another experience like when Detroit came to town a few weeks ago.

Instead of a depressing evening while watching the Lightning lose their third straight, it was actually a lot of fun. There was a family sitting in front of us who were from Newfoundland and were there cheering on Teddy Purcell. The gentleman sitting right next to us was hilarious. We laughed and cheered and enjoyed the game together.

It reminded me that even though hockey fans have different allegiances to teams, it is a bit of a brotherhood. It's the least popular of the big four pro sports leagues here in America. It's kind of the punk rock of the sports world to the NFL's Top 40 charts. You meet a hockey fan, you meet a friend. Last night reinforced that when fans of the opposing team were cheering for Dwayne Roloson's saves or when a Lightning player would have a good shot or play.

Three home games over the coming week, so I'm sure to have more to write about. Hopefully it will be more geared towards Lightning victories.

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