Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Training Adventures

Photo by Me

A weather report was announced during today's Red Sox vs. Pirates game at McKechnie Field. It was 32 and rainy in Pittsburgh. 36 and rainy in Boston. There in Bradenton? It was 74 degrees, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. That pretty much sums up the whole day. I ended up talking to dozens of fellow Sox fans about the gorgeous weather in the stands, on the concourse, in line for the ladies room. Everyone had smiles on their faces, SPH 50 in one hand, and large cheap beers in the other. Everyone kept smiling even after the Pirates scored 6 runs in one inning and Sox ended up with the loss.

Everyone seems to wait impatiently for pitchers and catchers to report. After that, it's an impatient wait for opening day. I know the Spring Training games don't matter in the standings, but it was nice to sit still for an afternoon and enjoy it for what it is. Baseball. Sunshine. Cold beer, hot dogs, and peanuts from the concession stand. Blue skies, green grass, and a red clay diamond. The crack of the bat and the thump of baseballs in leather gloves. The boys of summer taking the field once again. I didn't want the day to end.

I want to try and make it when the Red Sox are back in Bradenton next Saturday. I hadn't been to a live baseball game since last July and I desperately want more. Play ball, indeed.

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