Monday, July 19, 2010

Bienvenue à Tampa, Monsieur Gagne

I posted something about a trade for Gagne on facebook and all of my Red Sox friends thought I was taunting them with the prospect of Eric Gagne coming out of retirement. Put away the helmets and step out of the bomb shelters. Simon Gagne! Hockey! Everything will be alright!

The interesting thing about being at work all day and missing a lot of the late breaking news on off season deals is that I generally have more time to look over any news articles before forming my opinion on my team picking up or trading any players. I also discovered that I am in the minority among people that I know in that.. well, I actually really like the Gagne trade.

Hear me out: if Gagne can stay healthy he can help the Bolts more than Matt Walker can. Matt Walker was a great guy and had lovely eyes, but when you put his numbers next to a healthy Gagne? Incomparable. If he can stay healthy, and that is a big if for a guy who has had issues with concussions in the past, this will be a huge deal. I'll wait to see how things turn out before I start patting Stevie Y on the back for another good move, but this is one I am excited by.

I also thought that the Lightning were going to have the big hockey news of the day, but then the story about Ilya Kovalchuk's 17 year contract. 17 years. Not a typo. The man is going to be 44 if he plays out the whole thing. 17 years. That's really all I can say about it, I am that baffled. The Devils are going to have to liquidate a lot of veterans to accommodating the immediate hit to their salary cap. But, since it's well documented that I don't like them.. well. Ha Ha.

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  1. This deal is a great for the Lightning-they basically stole Gagne away from the Flyers-Key is he has to stay healthly and he also has to spark Vincent Lecavalier-