Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Low sea level, high humidity, Red Sox

It's not always easy growing up a Red Sox fan in Florida. My baseball background is pretty atypical for a lot of people. I grew up learning about the game from my Dad and playing catch in the background. The Jacksonville Suns were as close as I got to a real MLB for quite a while. My father taught my sister and I the important things like the infield fly rule or how you can tell what pitch is thrown just by watching the movement of the ball. But, my dad grew up a Dodgers fan in Brooklyn and his allegiance was always somewhere else. For most of my adult life, my Red Sox fan has been a largely individual and private sort of thing.

The internet made all the difference. Through the internet and blogs I was able to find people all over the country and the world who shared my passion for the game of baseball and the boys in Boston from March until (hopefully) October. I've read a variety of baseball websites and blogs over the years, but there is one I keep coming back to. Surviving Grady. I found solace after the gut wrenching kick to the stomach that was Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS and have been there every since. Relishing and agonizing over every at bat, every pitch, every defensive goof, or homerun into the Monster Seats.

Surviving Grady has been especially important to me since I moved to Tampa and are surrounded by fans of two division rivals. I know like minded people who are always ready for witty repartee and the occasional heated debate are accessible. And, if you're very lucky, available for a Palooza.

Thank you Red and Denton for giving this Red Sox fan in diaspora a place to be. And as always, runs and beer.

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