Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To squee or not to squee.. that is the question.

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I'm not sure if I can think of myself as a serious sports fan ever again. Let me explain. Tonight was the culmination of the Lightning's Prospect Camp where the prospects split off into two teams and had a scrimmage followed by a shoot out competition. Following that was a Q&A session with new defenseman Brett Clark, first round draft pick Brett Connolly, and new general manager Steve Yzerman.

Yes, you heard me. Steve Yzerman. Hall of Famer. Hockey legend. His name is on the Stanley Cup 4 times. Pearson, Selke, Conn Smythe, Masterson, & Patrick trophy winner. In short, kind of a big deal. Not to mention the fact that I have really respected the moves he has made in the off season to get the Lightning back on track.

Not having lived through Beatlemania, I never really understood the girls just standing there SCREAMING their heads off over seeing someone or something. Now, I didn't scream. But when Stevie Y walked out for the q & a, I definitely squeed.

I pose a question to you. Is it acceptable to squee a bit over living sports legends, or should I pretend that it never happened?

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