Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fantasy Team Masochism

I was talking with a friend online yesterday and my gripes about all of the Sox injuries and the goings on in MLB led him to mention his fantasy baseball team. He was upset that three of the guys he had on the bench had a heck of a night when it came to numbers. I let him know that fantasy baseball seems way too involved and high maintenance for me. I have played fantasy hockey the past two seasons and maybe I didn't do so well because I would check once a week, set my rosters, and then basically leave it alone and hope for the best and no injuries. Not long after, he posed the following question:

"If it was your turn to draft and A-rod was by far the best player available would you be able to draft him?"

This is when I find it really difficult to divorce my own personal fandom and step away from the ingrained hatred and bias. I answered that I don't think I could be that objective. I followed up that statement by saying," If I took him, I would enjoy any benefits to the team. But I would hate myself." I decided it wasn't worth it. He decided the self loathing would be worth it for A-Rod's numbers to boost his fantasy standings.

I guess that's a question that I am posing. Am I naive for not putting aside my personal views for a fantasy team? Just something to ponder.

And always, Yankees Suck.

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  1. I REFUSE to have a Yankee player on my fantasy team. Yes, I always finish near the bottom, but at least I have my dignity.

    Such as it is.