Monday, December 6, 2010

Down By The Banks Of The River Charles

Photo taken by Josh Blue

Apparently it was wishful thinking that I would update my blog after getting back to Tampa yesterday evening. My flight got in in the late evening and I brought the chilly weather with me from up north. What a trip. It was so amazing that even watching the Lightning get absolutely decimated 8-1 in person couldn't dampen it.

Between the Garden and the Freedom trail and Cambridge One Pizza and everything else, I was trying to think of one thing that would summarize my trip to Boston. It would have to be Fenway Park. I ended up in or around the ballpark on all three days of my visit. When I arrived on Thursday, one of the first acts of business was taking the tour of the park. Due to beer, pizza, and good but meandering conversation, Josh and I missed the 2 o clock tour. This gave us plenty of time to walk all the way around Fenway and even stop in the Bleacher Bar for a pint of Guinness.

A lot of work is being done there this off season. When we were there, almost all of the right field grandstand seats had been removed in order for construction crews to redo the concrete. The dugouts were covered with giant sheets of plywood and almost the entire field was covered in sheeting. It was cold and windy and empty and... amazingly beautiful. It's really cheesy, but each time I visit Fenway Park I become even more enamored. And there wasn't even baseball being played.

On Saturday evening, we were hanging out at a number of bars in the Fenway area. While walking down Yawkey Way, I told Josh "I'm going to hug Fenway." So I did. I'm pretty sure it hugged back.

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