Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well, Beat the Drum and Hold the Phone

Photo by: Elsa/Getty Images

Yup. That looks good. Before the news about Adrian Gonzalez broke when I was in Boston last weekend, me and my buddy Josh actually talked a bout how it had been a very quiet hot stove season. Except for the Werth deal, no team had made a big splash. Usually the team splashing around at all the free agents is the Yankees. This year? The Red Sox pretty much cannon balled right in. I'm still trying to adjust to all of it. Having a hard time believing it's happening and then getting bummed because we still have to wait several long months for baseball to actually be played. I am so high on the 2011 Red Sox right now and they haven't even set foot on the ball field.

Another brief thought. I'm in Jacksonville for the weekend and there is Christmas shopping to be done. But I am reveling in all the Yankees/ Cliff Lee drama. Adding a seventh year to the deal? Really, Hank? And using Andy Pettitte as an example of how older pitchers can still succeed? Probably not the best example you might want to give what with the whole juicing thing.

If the Yankees have invested that much time and effort to try and land Lee and he goes somewhere else? Man, I will throw a one woman parade. Childish? Sure. Vindictive? Absolutely. But the Yankees deserve nothing less.

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