Monday, December 13, 2010

There Is a Santa Claus

Photo by: Me

I've been blamed for the cool weather in Florida ever since I got back from Boston. Whatever the reason for the cold front, I am enjoying it and it is definitely putting me in the Christmas spirit.

So are the Belfast Giants of the UK's Elite Ice Hockey League:

Brilliant. NHL teams need to do this. I can totally cast a remake of this with Lightning players. My pick would have been on Victor Hedman to be the elf, but I don't know if he would mince around merrily enough. So, I think I have to give it to Mike Smith.

News just broke that the Yankees are out of the Cliff Lee sweepstakes and he is set to join the Phillies.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Yankees! HAAAAAAAAAA! I am going to be laughing about this for days.

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