Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everything I Do Is To Try & Make Me Good Enough For You

There has been a big marketing push leading up to the 2011 NHL All Star Game in Raleigh at the end of this month. The league has teamed up with famous comic book legend Stan Lee for "The Guardian Project". The basic idea is that a superhero is created for every team in the league to... well. We're not really sure what it's for. Other than look a bit silly on paper so far.

Today, Yahoo's Puck Daddy posted an article where they spoke with the Chief Creative Officer for the Guardian Project and he wasn't really giving up much info. Apparently there is a big origin back story, but one main thing stuck out to me. Mr. Creative said that the project wasn't really all about hockey. A sports league's big marketing project has seemingly very little do with the sport that they play. I thought the point of ad campaigns were to sell the product they were promoting.

A lot of the big hockey fans I know have been very skeptical about this whole thing. I am proud of the NHL for branching out and doing something different. Going on HBO's 24/7 was brilliant and beautiful. They were the first league to use pink sticks as a promotion for breast cancer awareness. Clearly, they are not afraid of blazing a trail. Moves like this just seem be to extra frustrating because a) it doesn't seem to take into account the hardcore fans they already have and b) it's difficult to see exactly how these superheroes will promote the league outside of having some logos on their tights.

More HBO tv time. Less.. whatever the hell the guy in the picture is supposed to be.

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