Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it a fantasy draft if it was acutally taking place live?

Got my computer back today after getting worked on. It was actually kind of nice to disconnect from everything for a few days. Even that didn't stop me from writing. There will probably be two new posts tonight as I transfer things over from my notebook. Anyways, last night was the first ever All Star Fantasy draft. Team Lidstrom & Team Staal chose from the selected all star players to comprise their individual teams. These teams will stick together for the Skills Competition tonight and the All Star Game itself tomorrow. I jotted down my thoughts while watching. Here you go:

- I have my ice cold Lightning beer much filled with Brooklyn 2 & ready for the draft. Ready for playground justice.

-I like the blue jerseys! This is cheesy but mmm beer.

- Marty's totally going for Stamkos..... Oh! I was right. Oh, Kaner going "Should we take your boy?"

- Ovie looks weird cleanshaven. And he was hanging out in an airport bar? Shocker!

- Daniel is the first Sedin selected. Will the twins be split? Are we sure THAT is Daniel?

- The twins are apart! Twin fight! Twin smack talk!

- Marty is the spokesman now? Oh, I called him picking Thomas. UVM!

- Too many children of the corn! (side note: that is what I call the Staals)

- Henrik Lundqvist always looks ready for a GQ photoshoot.

- Toews looks pissed! Patrick Sharp looks like a catalog model.

- Aw, I wish Dan Boyle was with Marty. I miss him.

- If they have to take a Pen, I'm ok with Flower.

- Jeff Skinner is a baby. I feel old. He looks 12.

- Is Ovie sleeping?

-Marty is the spokesman! Ugh, Richards.

- Get a haircut, Letang.

- Good for Yandle. 44 points for a D-man? Amazing. Wish the city would support the Coyotes.

- Were he not a Flyer, I might like Giroux.

- Havlat has a very well groomed beard. It is Mike Lowell - esque in it's exactness.

- This is supposed to last until 9:30?

-Elias still looks like a gnome. Nice sweater though.

- I would take all of those guys before Kessel. But what do I know?

- Get Duchene & Stasny on the same team. We need an All Star Bang Bang Dance!

- I don't underappreciate (some name. Seriously. I can't read my own handwriting). You bastard.

-No! No bang bang dance!

- Kessel last. I called it! Good night!

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