Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Good Life

Photo by Me

During the 2004 NHL season, I would occasionally drive down to Tampa from Tallahassee to catch games. It was always a big event for me since it was a 5 1/2 hour drive and up until then almost all of the games I had seen were on television. The team would do random giveaways during tv time outs or stops in play. It was a bit frustrating for me because I would be sitting in my $8 day of game nosebleed seat watching great prizes given out to people sitting in the lower level within reach of the glass. Those are the most expensive seats in the arena, I thought. If those people can afford to sit there, they don't need free prizes. At some point in the playoff run, my friends and I even started referring to them as "bourgeois seats". Several years later, I hate to say it. I would still rather have a ticket than none at all, but those bourgeois seats are fantastic. How do I know? Well, last night I was a bourgeois pig at the Lightning/Capitals Game.

My friend Linda had finagled her way to a suite as a way to celebrate her birthday. I was very lucky to sit in the suite, and I just have to say that it is amazing. We didn't do food or anything, but that didn't matter. We had our own cushy leather seats in which to watch the action. A great view on the second level in the corner of the arena, perfect for seeing action at both end of the ice. The best of all? We had our own bathroom in the suite. No trekking up or down dozens of stairs at intermission only to spend most of it standing in line at the ladies room. It was fantastic.

The game was also fantastic, seeing Dwayne Roloson putting up his second shootout since joining the Bolts and the Lightning winning 3-0. When the playing system goes wrong, it really goes wrong. It just did in Pittsburgh last week. But when things are working correctly, it is a joy to watch. It's amazing that a 41 year old veteran goaltender has been one of the best pick ups over the course of the season. Since Roli is 6 years older than Marty St. Louis (previously the most senior guy in the lockeroom), I like to imagine him sitting in his stall complaining about the loud music "kids these days listen to". This is why we need more 24/7 coverage.

The Lightning host the Devils tomorrow. The Devs put a hearty beating on the Bolts last week. Hopefully things will be different this time around. Martin Brodeur be damned!


  1. It renewed my desire to win Power Ball so I can buy a suite for the whole season. If only for the private bathroom!