Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey Trouble, I Hear You Call My Name

Photo by Getty Images

The Lightning's 1-0 overtime, shut out victory of the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night was absolutely exhilarating. They beat the winners of the Winter Classic on their own turf. The thrill was short lived, unfortunately. They had a game the next night against the losers of the Winter Classic, the Pittsburgh Penguins. To say they beat the Bolts 8-1 doesn't really encompass the disgust I felt watching the game. I turned it off in the second period. I NEVER do that. I usually sit through until the bitter end, stewing in my own misery. I decided instead of watching the Lightning crap the bed, I would watch the Top Gear Vietnam bike episode. And I think that worked out well for me.

That being said, I can't help but mention something in regards to the Lightning's games this week. That is Steve Downie returning from his high ankle sprain. It wasn't until he got back that I realized what a void had been left in the physical part of the team's game. The Lightning are far from a physical team this year, outside of some big hits from Mattias Ohlund. Downie is the loose cannon. Downie is the one who will drop the gloves, which he did in his first game back against Matt Hendricks. I refer to him as the little pit bull of the team, and there is very good reason.

The photo above shows what he got from that fight. It's a beauty. Welcome back.

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