Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Rooters Gave The Other Team A Dreadful Fright

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I have the very unique pleasure of writing about my favorite hockey and baseball teams on here pretty much everyday. The Red Sox have been around for over a hundred years and have legions of loyal fans. America IS Red Sox Nation, as is evidenced by the number of fans that are wearing team colors whenever the Sox go on the road. Far or near, there are fanatics there. The Lightning haven't hit their 20th anniversary yet, although we are pretty close. There are some very loyal fans, myself included, who do travel to see the team and support them. Nowhere near the numbers of say the Bruins or any of the Canadian NHL teams. Maybe that's because it's a hockey team in Florida. Maybe it's because there are several other pro teams in town. Maybe it's because so many people are from other places and maintain those loyalties.

Whatever the reason, I have never had a problem getting tickets to Lightning games. When I first moved down here, I would walk up about 45 minutes before a game and be able to pick up a ticket. I have really cheap season tickets and attend all sorts of events for the team. There is so much access, I think a lot of people here take it for granted.

Let me tell you a little story, Lightning friends. Red Sox spring training tickets went on this sale this morning. Games that have no bearing on the standings for the regular season. And fans had been camped out in front of the box office at City of Palms Park for over a week just to buy tickets to these games. The tickets went on sale online at 10 am. I overslept and didn't get to the computer until about an hour later. I was looking to attend the game on March 26th since it was a weekend and that's what I can swing with my work schedule. An hour after the sale began, standing room only tickets were all that was left. I still might make it to Ft. Myers, but it's looking more like plans are being adjusted to see the Sox when they play the Pirates in Bradenton. And yet, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Just don't get me started on the virtual waiting room for regular season tickets.

I get to see the Sox in person so rarely that I really enjoy and appreciate every time. I look forward to and enjoy every Lightning game as well. Maybe because I know that it's not as easy for everyone to have that with their teams. I am very, very lucky. Now. If only pitchers and catchers could report a little sooner...

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