Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Tale of Two Baseball Cities

I had the unique experience of visiting both Boston & New York City within the same month this December. After talking sports with my cousins on Christmas Day, I started thinking about baseball. It's roots and role in both places. They aren't separated by a large geographic distance, but in some aspects the fans in both cities are closer than we might think.

Not Yankee fans. Oh hell no. See, my cousins in Brooklyn are born and raised Mets fans. Who talk about how they are ready to give up on the team, but with each season they are back rooting and hoping. Sounds kind of familiar to me. I talked about faith and Red Sox fandom a lot last season, and this really stuck out to me.

Another thing that stuck out is how people who weren't even close to being born still talk about the Brooklyn Dodgers as if they moved to California a year ago. While their brethren in the Bronx enjoyed decades of World Series rings, another borough had a lot less luck.

Yeah, we're different. But on Christmas day, full of great Italian food and wine, we can all agree on one thing. That we hate the Yankees. God Bless us, everyone.

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