Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Sing To Me A Song From Yesterday

Being computer-less for a few nights made me really sit back and relax. Several movies, home cooked meals, laundry. About the time I was giving myself a home pedicure on Thursday night I started thinking about sports and information. Things move so fast it's amazing. That morning The Hockey News said something on twitter about how Matt Cooke is a victim of the culture perpetuated in hockey. That the way he plays is perpetuated by the call for brutality. By the afternoon, NESN had posted an article in response. Everything moves so fast and reactions move so quickly. It makes me wonder how things were before entirely live broadcasts, Facebook, & ESPN.

One of my rituals before and during Spring Training is re-reading "The Boys of Summer" by Roger Kahn. There are stories of how you could walk the streets of your neighborhood during the summer and always keep tabs on the games being played. Everyone's radio would be tuned in and the play by play would waft out through the open windows. People got their info that way, newspapers, and word of mouth. I have to wonder if the instantaneous transfer of information is that much better. Always having access to what is going on can be desensitizing.

We're tuned in to our teams 24/7. A constant stream of information from the computer, print, and television. All this info takes us further behind the curtain than ever before. It's great in helping you find out more about players who aren't interviewed in the papers as much and what's going on with the organization. HBO's coverage of the winter classic highlighted the ice crews and equipment managers. I might be romanticizing a time that I never lived through because with the good comes the bad. A lot of unflattering news also comes to light.

Good God. I'm waxing poetic about baseball when I'm still days away from Truck Day. These last few weeks are going to be tough.

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