Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Water Classic

Photo by: Getty Images

Finally home after ringing in the new year with a few of my hockey girlfriends in downtown Tampa. A large part of last night was spent at the Lightning/ Rangers game at the Forum. At the Lightning arena, they have an area called the XO Club. You can purchase a ticket to this area, where all food and drink is included in the cost of your ticket. If you're planning to go all out for an evening, I definitely recommend it. Especially given that the big cans of beer on the concourse are $11. And they are out of Labatt's till they get a new shipment. I was told they would have more in by the new year. They have until the next home game on the 12th to get it in, then boy will there be tears.

XO is also filled with a lot of television screens showing other sporting events that are taking place. Even most non-hockey fans have come to know that the NHL stages it's annual outdoor game, the Winter Classic, on New Year's day. As I've mentioned before, this year's game took place at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. There were a lot of questions about the weather going into the game, since temperatures were looking to be much warmer than the last few classics and the fact that it was forecast to rain most of the day. The weather caused the game to be pushed back to start at 8 pm. I was bummed, mainly because the Lightning game started at 7:30. With an XO pass, I was able to keep an eye on both games. It was hockey sensory overload and I loved every second of it.

That being said, they probably should have supplied the players with snorkels and flippers. Especially in the third when the rain was just pouring in. Given my own bias, I was really glad the Capitals pulled out the win. Since I have been watching HBO's 24/7 I knew more about the players who scored the game's goals. And none of them were named Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin. Yes, they are insanely talented players and superstars of the league. But you run into problems with almost solely promoting the Winter Classic on two players. Neither of them got a point in the game. Whoops.

The next outdoor game takes place in about a month, this time with the Heritage Classic being played in Calgary. 2004's Heritage Classic was insanely compelling. It will be shown on Versus on February 20th and I can't wait. Canada is so passionate for their hockey it is going to be a great show. And next year's Winter Classic? Let's just hope they don't need scuba tanks.


  1. Oh can I be your reporter in the field?

  2. If you take video and load it on youtube, i'll post them!