Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of All Stars & Defensemen

A typical conversation between me and my brother from another mother:

Me: what should i write about in my blog tonight?

Josh Blue: me. i'm an awesome subject

Me: but what about you?

JB: how awesome i am. fuck that dude on Chuck. write about how the red wings got fucking robbed in the all-star game or, a piece on lidstrom, being named captain of the all-star squad

Me: you are the second person saying i should write about the all star captains but i don't want to write about eric staal. the staals creep me out

fuck the other guy. it's all about the greatness of lidstrom,
one of the ...5 best? of all time?

Me: d men?arguably i'd have to look at the numbers

JB: gretzky, mario, howe,

Me: i believe it was the players who voted on the captains and that speaks volumes

JB: gretzky, mario, howe, orr....

Me: i'll throw richard in there. i recommend the movie "the rocket"

JB: goalies?

Me: .roy, brodeur, throw in some sawchuck. maybe plante. you're catching me off the cuff lol

JB: lidstrom top 10 of all time?

Me: for defensemen or just position players

JB: i mean, definitely the greatest defenseman of his era

Me: oh no doubt. just hard when you put it up against some of those names

JB: so then you compare him against the best of all time

Me: this is where i think it's difficult to compare players from drastically different eras of hockey sometimes

JB: orr? bourque? stevens?

Me: unlike baseball, which is pretty much the same as it's always been. excepting PEDs

JB: coffey?

AB: skates are different. they used to play with uncurved sticks. al macinnis

JB: Brian Leetch

AB: surprised you didn't throw chelios in there, red wing boy

JBChris Chelios - 3 time norris winner

AB: what about denis potvin? or if we're going really old school.. Eddie Shore

JB: larry robinson

AB: yup

JB: harvey. but you see...only ones i think touch lidstrom are orr, maybe bourque

Me: scott niedermayer

JB: macinnis oh, one of my faves: housely

Me:you can even divide things up more. cause you can't always compare more offensive defensemen. i am a nerd!

JB: yea, but still.. orr and lidstrom - then everyone else

AB: i could just copy and paste this conversation into my blog, you know

JB: true but honestly, there is a gap: orr and lidstrom, then you talk about the rest
(just take out my bad typing)

Me: i miss scott stevens' hits

JB: he was perfect in the devil's scheme

Me: i hate the trap though. don't let me close this without copying it

JB: okay product of a system, or just thrived under that system

AB: well he did play a large part of his career in new jersey. and the devs were using it by the time he got there. i'd say he thrived with it. because he was much more offensively minded earlier in his career. i need beer to figure this out. mm eddie cahill. sorry. lol

JB: lol

Me: now i want to watch miracle

JB: admission: i like mystery alaska more than i like miracle. miracle had the more preditable ending

Me: uh


Me:i seriously am going to copy this whole thing in. haha

JB: correct my mistakes

this is running just like most of the rambling conversations we had while i was up there

JB: my brain is a scary place. i just went toe to toe with a yankees fan: i argued olerud was better than mattingly. i thought he was going to have a heart attack

Me:one less yankees fan

JB: jumping off. say hi to your readers for me

-Fin -


  1. No way this was an actual conversation with Josh. There are no mis-spelled words.